Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed

Built a blog? Will they come? They will if you do these simple things that can attract new eyes.

Link, Link, Link
Include links to other articles, web sites, and blogs that are similar to what you write about. “Social bookmarking” sites, such as digg or del.icio.us, and those with high pageranks can generate good traffic. Referrals to other blogs often can mean links back to you.

RSS feeds can generate a lot of traffic. Encourage visitors to subscribe and make it easy for them to include you in their readers.

Make sure your blog is being “pinged” by technorati, blo.gs, weblogs.com, or pingomatic to get your blog noted by other aggregator sites.

Install: Email This Post
Allow people to simply forward an article to a friend via email. It enables others to publicize your blog for you.

Install a Blogroll
Similar to linking, it puts a list of other bloggers and their sites on your blog. It is a personal statement that says these are the bloggers I like or the crowd I’d like to be associated with. Again, a very simple yet effective social networking scheme.

Add Comments & Trackbacks
You can routinely pickup new readers by allowing them to communicate with you. Referrer and new audiences can spring from trackbacks and other references to your site.

Great Writing
Interesting posts always keeps them coming back. See tips on writing great content.


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  4. Andy said:

    Great article! I was not aware of how much RSS feeds can influence traffic so I will definitely be investigating this. My new blog http://technical-recipes.com has been getting reasonable traffic since it started but there is definitely room for improvement.

  5. Pabster said:

    Thank you for these advices. After checking several websites for blog promoting, this is the first serious, useful and non-comercial information I find. :-)



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