What’s a Great WordPress Plugin for SEO?

If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. Taking the time to do search engine optimization (SEO) will encourage major search engines to come and index your blog, so that others can discover your brilliance. Your readers will appreciate that they found you among the organic listings (as opposed to paying for placement) with your… Read More


What’s a Great WordPress Plugin for Anti-Spam?

Unfortunately, managing pesky comment spam is something goes hand-in-hand with blogging. From those that are filled with pharmaceutical links to the ones containing inane gibberish, spammers hope their undetected junk get published within your comment stream. Luckily, with by implementing a few extra measures with these WordPress plugins, you can combat spam and keep your… Read More


What’s a Great WordPress Plugin for Tracking Statistics?

How is your WordPress-powered website doing? What are your visitors clicking on? Are they leaving right away or can you follow their trail of activity? What content is (or is not) resonating with your intended audience(s)? Analytics allow you to review your blog’s effectiveness. Beyond Google Analytics, here are some online tools and WordPress plugins… Read More


What’s a Great WordPress Plugin for Enhanced Comments?

While comments are already built into WordPress, there may be times that you want to offer your readers more options for commenting. WordPress plugins (and third party tools) often can enhance your WordPress-powered website because commenters can, for example, sign in with Twitter or Facebook, upload images and videos, and even use HTML in their… Read More


What’s a Great WordPress Tool for Newsletters?

Readers often forget to regularly visit your WordPress-powered website just to see if there is any new content. Whether you are offering a RSS digest of your blog or sending entirely new content, you’ll stay top-of-mind with continual inbox updates. ContentRobot Recommends: Mailchimp If you are ready to send regular newsletters to your fans, MailChimp… Read More


The New ContentRobot

Times they are a-changin – and so are we. ContentRobot would like to share our what we’ve been up to lately, show off our new website design, and give you some insight into our new-found focus. Recommitting to our WordPress Expertise ContentRobot’s expertise is WordPress development. That means we help clients to get their WordPress-powered… Read More

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