Blog Writing

Finding Inspiration for Writing Blog Posts

Sometimes you hit some writer’s block and you need a bit of inspiration for writing your next post. Where should you go? For links and sources, check out, yahoo news, or google groups For inspiration from other blogs in your niche, go to technorati or icerocket Do an image or video search at flickr,… Read More

Summertime Blogging Blues

It’s summertime here and the living is easy … but is your blog suffering from sporadic posting? Do you feel that you’ve written about everything that needs to be said on your topic or niche? Did you know that many bloggers hit a dry patch 6 to 12 months into their blog? Unfortunately, a large… Read More

Pay Attention to How You Craft Your Blog Post Titles

Do you think about how you title your blog posts? If not, you should. If you’ve ever picked up a book or magazine, you scan the titles for something interesting to read. Well, it’s the same with your blog post titles. More than just an attention-grabbing tactic, good titles are important because: Search Engines Results… Read More

Blog Writing Tips: Beating Writer’s Block

Here are some tips for getting your creative juices going: Take it in Pieces Break the job into manageable pieces and do the easy stuff first. By building momentum and confidence, your progress can be a motivation. Take a Break Don’t feel compelling to sit their hour after non-productive hour. Talk to someone, get some… Read More

What Makes a Good Blog Post

There are several ways to approach writing your blog posts over the long haul. Here are some ideas to spur you on and add a little “extra” to your blogs. Instructional These posts teach people how to do something. For example, posts that feature tips are popular both in the short term (loyal readers love… Read More

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