ContentRobot ♥ Blogging

Back in the early days of the internet, the dynamic duo behind ContentRobot, Karen & Dana, both worked for Timex Corporation (yup, the watch company). We built, a very early e-commerce website. We did it all with hand-coded HTML and PERL, as WYSIWYG editors were rare in the 1990s. It was an award-winning site that was ahead of its time and we really enjoyed the whole experience. Even back then, we thought about creating our own web development company, but for one reason or another, it never came to be.

Fast forward to 2005. Dana is looking for a new way to publish content and test-drives Drupal. He launches MacVroom, a blog devoted to installing Mac Mini computers into cars. After a while, Dana needs an editor and reconnects with Karen, who agrees to editing content. Wow – creating content was actually separate from the design process – oh, the possibilities!

We were totally inspired by the next wave of internet publishing called blogging. We were also convinced that business blogging would take off and that we could build entire blog-powered websites with these emerging tools.

While Drupal was a decent platform, we still were on the lookout for something that provided more flexibility and customization. Enter WordPress. Beyond blogging, we started to push the core application and rapidly launch full-featured websites. We were finally able to marry beautiful design with an easy-to-use CMS system.

As such, ContentRobot was born from the simple desire to help others get online and allow them to be in control of their own content. We’d love to help create a blog or blog-powered website with you – all with WordPress.

ContentRobot: the Blogging & WordPress Experts

Our tagline boldly claims that we are The Blogging & WordPress Experts. Why should you believe us? Here are the top 10 reasons:

  1. Helped hundreds of clients to develop custom WordPress blog and WordPress-powered website projects
  2. Enhanced, upgraded, converted, migrated, and secured WordPress sites for hundreds more through our WeFixWP service
  3. Reviewed and tested 1000s of free and premium plugins and themes
  4. Have in-depth experience with popular social media tools (such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.) and can easily integrate them into WordPress websites
  5. Can add great features to your website, such as designing a newsletter, integrating e-commerce, and even making your website responsive (viewable on mobile devices)
  6. Mentioned in several business blogging books as a creative, highly-skilled full-service WordPress development company
  7. Enjoy sharing our passion and knowledge at WordCamps and other industry events
  8. Learning the craft of blogging since 2005
  9. Saving customers from expensive, outdated, static and Flash sites since 2006
  10. Have been WordPress-centric since 2007 and loving every minute of it

ContentRobot Co-Founders

Dana Rockel, Principal and Chief Engineer of Design, Ideas and Technology

Dana is the creative and technical force of ContentRobot – wearing both hats equally well. While his blog-powered designs are simply elegant and his CSS skills are top-notch, Dana is a highly skilled PHP programmer, too.

His many talents allow him to push WordPress’s boundaries with limitless blog customizations. Just ask Dana what your blog can do and he’ll confidently tell you “whatever you want it to.”

Karen Jackie, Principal and Chief Architect of Ideas and Execution

If blogging is part of your business’s plan, Karen is the one who can help you achieve your goals. She’ll be your project manager who will get your blog-powered website launched on time and under budget.

She’ll provide you with a solid strategy for your site’s content & SEO, WordPress plugins & 3rd party add-ons, and any other technical integrations you require. Always quick with a technical recommendation or quote, just ask her!